Frugal Organic Meal Plan – June 9, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

I’m happy to report that we didn’t have any further experiments with markers as makeup this week, but two of the three girls did get very sick.  Both our middle daughter, Monkey, and the baby, Ladybug, came down with fevers over the course of 3 days.  Then Ladybug cut her first teeth at the same time Monkey developed a cough and runny nose.  It was a long week and I’m so glad it’s over.  The weekly meal plan from last week was successful for the most part with the exception of the Thai Fried Rice which I didn’t get a chance to make after a sleepless night followed by an endless day of playing nurse to some sick, tired and cranky girls…my husband took pity on me and picked up take-out that night.  Therefore you will notice that recipe is on the list again this week.  

After the prep work I did last Sunday, all meals went very smoothly and I’m pretty sure I was able to prepare everything within the 30 minutes allowed.  I say pretty sure because it never fails that I start working on dinner and I get called away to settle an argument, answer the phone or change a diaper.  All I care about in the end is that everyone was fed and I wasn’t stressed out by complicated recipes or too many dishes.   Read More

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Weekly Meal PlanI had a brainstorm earlier this week where I thought about starting a new blog to post pictures of the mischief my girls got into while I was trying to do other things…like when I tried to vacuum for literally 3 minutes and realized they had put marker all over each other’s lips and then kissed paper to make lip marks.  It’s cute in hindsight, but frustrating in the moment.

The point of this story (yes, I have a point) is that my life is hectic (whose isn’t) and it’s time to slow down.  

Confession time…I am a real mom with 3 real kids and a real budget. I want to be like other moms I see on Pinterest, making wholesome gluten-free meals using beets and cauliflower, but my kids won’t eat that…and frankly neither will my husband. I want to make beautiful crafts with my children and decorate my house with things I DIY’d but I’d just wind up with toilet paper tubes strewn around the house and hot glue strings in my hair. Read More


Blueberry Feta Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad RecipeI first heard about quinoa as a superfood back in college when the graduate student teaching my 100 level biology class was conducting breeding experiments on the grain as part of her doctoral thesis.  I quickly dismissed the food as some strange hippy thing and didn’t really give it a second thought.  Fast forward 15 years and the grain is becoming a mainstream staple.  It’s a fast cooking and gluten-free whole grain food that can be served hot like rice, cold in salads, or even pureed with veggies and fruit for baby food.  

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Ditching The Post Baby Body – Part 2

PicMonkey Collage

A little more than thirty days have passed since I decided to drop the post baby body and I’m feeling pretty good.  As you may recall, my game plan was to attend classes at  The Dailey Method Carlsbad 3 times per week and also to cut the refined sugar out of my diet.  To read more about my initial plan and intentions, check out my earlier post entitled Ditching the Post-Baby Body.

So what’s the result you may ask?  While the before and after photos above may not reflect an infomercial-grade transformation, I can tell that there is a difference and I think it’s pretty good progress  for just 30 days of making some minor changes.  The camera angle is slightly different between the two pictures but I think my arms are slimmer and I look taller.  My posture has definitely improved and while not totally visible from the picture, my core is rock solid (unfortunately there is about 2 inches of belly fat over the top of my core, but I’ll keep working on that).  I’ve received compliments from both my husband, friends and one of the Dailey Method instructors over the past 30 days about how my body is changing.   I’ve lost about 2 pounds and I’m able to button most of my pre-maternity pants again. Read More


how to remove baby poop stains It’s time for another installment of my series on Going Green to Save Green and this time we’re talking about baby poop…again.  Sorry to keep bringing up this dirty subject, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about it unfortunately.  If you are in any way offended by pictures of poopy baby clothes, please move on and don’t read this post.  However, if you are like me and sick of throwing away those adorable little outfits, read on for a totally free and practically magical way to get those unsightly stains out of your baby’s clothes.   Read More


Happy Birthday Frugal Organic Mama

Frugal Organic Mama AnniversaryDon’t miss the list of top ten posts from my first year at the end.  

This April marks the one year “blogiversary” for Frugal Organic Mama.  What a crazy and fulfilling year it has been.  When I began this journey, I was a mother to 2 little girls, working full time as an analyst for a medical device company and blogging in my spare time.  Fast forward one year later, I’m a mother to 3 little ladies, and a stay at home mom with far less spare time for blogging than I did when I was working.  My life is now both more difficult and more fulfilling than I ever imagined possible; I truly understand what people mean when they say being a stay at home mom is the hardest job, but every day I feel thankful that I’ve been given this amazing opportunity.   Read More