How To Naturally Remove Baby Poop Stains From Clothes

how to remove baby poop stains It’s time for another installment of my series on Going Green to Save Green and this time we’re talking about baby poop…again.  Sorry to keep bringing up this dirty subject, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about it unfortunately.  If you are in any way offended by pictures of poopy baby clothes, please move on and don’t read this post.  However, if you are like me and sick of throwing away those adorable little outfits, read on for a totally free and practically magical way to get those unsightly stains out of your baby’s clothes.  

Okay, now that all the non-parents have left, let’s talk poop.   You know the kind I’m talking about.  It’s the bright yellow stuff that comes out of a breast-fed baby beginning in the first few weeks and going until they start on solids between 4-6 months of age.  Every breast-feeding mom has experienced major blowouts from this nasty stuff and I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t seem to get it out of my baby’s clothes and cloth diapers.  I tried soaking the clothes in commercial stain removers until the little onesies got holes in them from the harsh chemicals.  Then after a desperate internet search late one night I discovered a totally awesome and completely free solution.  It’s the sun!! 

When I told my mother about the sun’s magical properties she said something like “of course the sun works”.   I’m embarrassed that this critical information somehow got lost between generations, but I had no idea and so I’m betting you don’t either.  I read that the reason this works is because the sun breaks down the bilirubin in the baby’s poop much in the same way it breaks down excess bilirubin in a jaundiced infant’s body. 

Anyway, here’s the proof.  In the picture below, I simply rinsed the poopy baby clothes in cold water and then put them out in the sun for a few hours.  After the stains disappeared, I washed the clothes like normal.  Like magic, the stains are gone and it didn’t cost a penny.  A couple caveats are that badly stained areas may retain a slight dark spot and so super white clothes may not go back completely.  I was able to alleviate this problem by doing a thorough pre-rinse on all stained clothes.  Also, beware that the sun will bleach clothes so don’t leave anything out any longer than necessary for stain removal.  Fortunately, this is a bigger problem for darker clothes which wouldn’t be stained as badly by the poop in the first place.      

how to remove baby poop stains

So there you go.  A simple, green and free solution to simplify your life and save you some cash.  Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite way to remove stains.

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