Ditching The Post Baby Body – Part 2

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A little more than thirty days have passed since I decided to drop the post baby body and I’m feeling pretty good.  As you may recall, my game plan was to attend classes at  The Dailey Method Carlsbad 3 times per week and also to cut the refined sugar out of my diet.  To read more about my initial plan and intentions, check out my earlier post entitled Ditching the Post-Baby Body.

So what’s the result you may ask?  While the before and after photos above may not reflect an infomercial-grade transformation, I can tell that there is a difference and I think it’s pretty good progress  for just 30 days of making some minor changes.  The camera angle is slightly different between the two pictures but I think my arms are slimmer and I look taller.  My posture has definitely improved and while not totally visible from the picture, my core is rock solid (unfortunately there is about 2 inches of belly fat over the top of my core, but I’ll keep working on that).  I’ve received compliments from both my husband, friends and one of the Dailey Method instructors over the past 30 days about how my body is changing.   I’ve lost about 2 pounds and I’m able to button most of my pre-maternity pants again.

One of the positive and unexpected side effects of this little experiment is the change in my Saturday morning routine with my girls.  I used to duke it out with my husband over who got to sleep in on Saturdays and who had to get up and manage breakfast with the girls.  Now that I’ve been doing these workouts I actually have a lot more energy and so I usually get up with them, giving my hard working husband some much needed quiet time.  Then I’ve been taking my older daughter along with me to my 9am Saturday class at The Dailey Method Carlsbad so she can play with friends and do art in the childcare room.  I love this routine for two reasons.  First of all, it gives my husband a couple hours of time to get a jump on household projects with only two kids to entertain (at least that’s what I tell myself he’s doing).  Secondly, and more importantly, I’m showing my daughter that it’s important to take care of herself and her body.  My mom always worked out when I was a kid and she taught me it is important to take care of yourself too.  I want to pass that on to my daughters so I love that they can go along with me to my workouts once a week and see what it’s all about.   It’s a positive experience for both of us and I hope that the other two will start to join when they feel comfortable.

Now for the bad news.  You may have noticed that I didn’t say anything about my vow to cut out refined sugar for a month.  Well, it turns out I’m a little more addicted to the sweet stuff than I thought.  Don’t get me wrong, I have made leaps and bounds to cut my consumption but I did suffer quite a few mis-steps on that one.   However, I’m a big believer in moderation and refined sugar is something I’m going to continue to try and reduce knowing that I’ll probably never be able to remove it completely.  After all, life’s a little sweeter with chocolate. 

With swimsuit season almost upon us, I’m feeling good about my body and actually plan to shop for a much needed swimsuit this week.  I’m excited about continuing my progress and will continue to attend classes at The Dailey Method Carlsbad for as long as I can afford it.  It is expensive, but for me it is a worthwhile expense as long as I use it regularly and  continue to see these kinds of results.  I’m hoping to avoid physical therapy for the post baby soreness in my hips and that alone will more than pay for the monthly cost.  Not to mention all the money I’m going to save by not buying any new clothes.  For me, being frugal is all about managing priorities and for now my health is my priority so it’s worth it.    

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary 30 day membership to The Dailey Method Carlsbad in return for posting about my experience. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • kelly May 6, 2014, 4:26 pm

    Congratulations – You’re looking fabulous! I also see a noticeable difference in your face…looks as though it’s thinning out. Maybe I’ll join you and our girls can play together!

    • Suzanne May 8, 2014, 7:20 am

      Kelly, you should totally join us. If I bring a friend they get 5 free classes to try it out. Let me know if you want to come along.